Atishi promises world-class roads in Delhi

During the inspection, the PWD minister noticed that the existing drainage system on the Bawana-Narela road was inadequate, leading to waterlogging on the road at several locations and causing damage to the road.

The right track~II

It was the traumatising Covid-19 pandemic onslaught that saw IR initiate some bold moves. The country’s railway men, far from…

Road repairs during rains lead to faster wear and tear

The initiative taken by chief minister Mamata Banerjee to improve the quality of roads and set up new roads under the Rastashree project has received a jolt due to some officers, who started repairing roads during monsoon. This has led to wasteful expenditure worth crores of rupees.

What really is in a name?

Though the post office is considered to be the organization that was Indianised first amongst all colonial-era institutions, its inertia in continuing with old names is quite intriguing.