Ramakrishna Mission

Swamiji’s relevance

The 19th century Bengal Renaissance had been the force behind the influx of Western rationality and thought in India. Fed up with the superstition accumulated over the ages, educated Indians decided to do away completely with ‘religion‘. It is now fashionable to speak of ‘secular education‘ – where the word ‘secular‘ is interpreted to mean devoid of any particular religious beliefs whatsoever. But this apparently ‘neutral‘ stand has often sucked out the life-giving components from culture and education. In the attempt to remove the weeds from a plant, the very plant has been cut down, as it were

Echoes of global harmony from Ramakrishna Mission

Distinguished speakers and dignitaries gave a call for world peace at an international seminar organised to mark the 125th anniversary of the renowned spiritual and philanthropic organisation founded.

Swamiji’s Mission

Seeds of such truths were sown by Sri Ramakrishna in Swamiji‘s fertile brain which was a stickler for truth. They were gradually germinating to take concrete forms. For instance, when he heard from him that seva is spiritually more efficacious for man than daya as a means for spiritual growth, he immediately absorbed it and decided to make its idea the pivot of Ramakrishna Mission