Modi government

Elusive numbers

Among the positive takeaways from the elections is that this Lok Sabha will have the distinction of the highest percentage of women MPs since Independence. The Prime Minister is keen to push through major electoral reforms like simultaneous elections at different levels of governance. If it is history that is being attempted to be written, along with this and many others which require urgent attention, he ought to consider, on top priority, taking a fresh look at the tattered Women's Reservation Bill.

A three-in-one position

The post of a Tri-Service chief ~ a four-star General like the Army, Navy and IAF chiefs ~ has been hanging fire since the 1999 Kargil conflict with Pakistan despite the urgent need to inject the much-needed synergy in planning, budgeting, procurement, training and logistics in the three Services, which often pull in different directions.

Challenges ahead

The biggest challenge is uncontrolled migration from villages to the cities over long distances and across the length and breadth of India.