Presenting the first report card on the 50 days of its showing in harness the Central government on Monday sought to drive home the point that various steps it had taken to combat corruption, accelerate economic growth, secure farmers and ensure safety, security and welfare of common citizen were on the right trajectory set by it in its second term in office.

The Modi government’s 50-days’ report card was made public by Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar at a press conference here. He said the Modi government which assumed office on 30 May was set to ‘walking the talk’ on promises it had made on development front with emphasis being on ‘speed, skill and scale’ and with a resolve to making India a $5 trillion economy

“With Rs 100 lakh crore of investment to be made in roads, railways, ports, airports and other infrastructure, the formation of Jal Shakti ministry, the mission to reach out to every house by 2024 with assured water supply, we are walking the talk with speed and many historical decisions,” Javadekar said

Seeking to underline that Modi government in its second term had been performing even better than its first term the minister said making India a $5 trillion economy was not just a dream but the government had already prepared a roadmap for achieving this goal.

Javadekar claimed that there was a feeling among the people that pace of reforms and delivery of justice and welfare schemes had been faster than it was in the first tenure of the government. He said the first 50 days of working of the government had proven that it would be more effective in its second term and would build on its performance of the first term in office.

The minister pointed out that the government had set the roadmap for rapid development in the field of infrastructure and education. He said the government was committed to ensuring social justice. He asserted that welfare of all sections of the society had been kept in mind such as farmers, traders, small businesses, jobless youths and middle class.

Underling the imperative of taking steps to address the issue of unemployment, Javadekar referred to various measures such as setting up of national research foundation, helping labour and unorganized, small and medium scale enterprises industries. He claimed that all these steps would help generate employment and ensure welfare and progress of all sections of the society.