Study finds intense meditation may boost immunity

Research funding was provided by the UF Department of Pediatrics. Collaborators from the Indiana University School of Medicine, the University of Louisville, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center contributed to the research.

Meditation for a healthier you

You will realize, meditation isn't about not thinking, your mind won't automatically shut off and become thought-free. Instead, meditation can help you become more aware of your thoughts, and better regulate them over time.

Myth and Mahatma

The biggest myth about non-violent action is the idea that Gandhi invented it and he is often called 'the father non-violence'. Well, he did raise ahimsa action to a level never achieved before him, but he was not its author or inventor

Passage to Peace

Yoga, in a word, is concentration of mind. When the mind gets extremely concentrated it becomes supremely subtle and powerful to be able to realise the Self within. Realising the Self, it gets rid of the notion of the unreal puny self, to which it ignorantly clings and brings sufferings unnecessarily