Khattar calls Yoga a medium for stress-free life

The Haryana CM called upon the people to make collective efforts to promote Yoga. It is also the responsibility of Yoga practitioners to take Yoga to every person and inspire them to adopt it in their life.

A lesson of love

I have no doubt that my lifelong love of stories started with her, for she read every manner of stories for me, from fairy tales to mythic fables, adventure yarns to detective fiction. I can still close my eyes and remember her soft voice, reading of handsome princes lost in the forest and wise, kind birds telling them the way. I now wish I could weave a wonderful story of a caring, kind grandmother and read it back to her.

A special occasion

Whatever the challenges, all of us experienced at least one. Some experienced more than one. I am no different. But I choose to look back at the year in an attitude of gratitude. Despite the challenges I faced, I realize that I was still very fortunate. I did not lose my home. I did not go hungry. I did not lose anyone close to me. I appreciate it all and do not take any of it for granted, not for a second. My heart breaks for those who suffered a loss

The randomness of life

That destiny can be controlled and changed to some extent is again another hypothesis that is also beyond verification. For life is just one simulation by nature, there’s no way to get any replication. And hence it is impossible to prove or disprove destiny – whether the way of life in alternative realities converges to the same eventual fate or not. There is no alternative reality to judge this. How random is the world or the universe?