Kazakhstan to hold 6th CICA Summit in October

The focus of the international agenda shifts to Central Asia as Kazakhstan will be hosting the 6th Conference on Confidence Building Measures and Interaction in Asia (CICA) summit in October 2022.

SCO summit

as a researcher with the Mumbaibased think-tank Gateway House has pointed out in a recent article, there were two anomalies this time around.

The message of the Kazakhstan riots

After Ukraine in 2014 and Belarus in 2020, this is the third uprising in a former USSR nation, an aspect which would worry Russia as it cannot permit another Ukraine scenario. China, despite its intentions, has never attempted to be directly involved in Kazakhstan.

The eruption in Kazakhstan

Perhaps uncertain of his prospects in challenging three decades of pelf and patronage, Tokayev appealed to Moscow for help, suggesting he couldn’t completely trust the Kazakh security forces. Vladimir Putin unhesitatingly stepped into the power play, dispatching 2,500 troops. That has unsettled the west, which is already embroiled in a tussle with the Russian president over Ukraine, with talks underway in Geneva.