Kashmir valley

Man-animal conflict on the rise in Kashmir Valley

Official data from Kashmir revealed that 124 black bears and 44 leopards perished between 2012 and 2020. The conflicts between people and animals contributed to several of these fatalities. At least 242 individuals have died and 3,528 people have been injured in this human-animal war in Kashmir over the past 14 years (from 2006 to 2020).

Imran ‘unifies’

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has miserably failed to understand, let alone appreciate, that the communal divide in India does not mean any welcoming with open arms uninvited criticism from across the Radcliffe Line.

Wages of slaughter

The severe sentence awarded to Sajjan Kumar will not “compensate” the families of 3,500 Sikhs killed in the Capital in l984, he had been rewarded with places in the “temple of democracy” ~ and another person accused of complicity has just become a chief minister.

Fragile morale?

In rejecting a plea that they recuse themselves from hearing a case of alleged fake encounters involving the security forces…