Interior decoration

Effortless ideas to brighten your room with rug

You can layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor. There are numerous reasons to go the more-is-more route with your rugs, whether it's to fill a large space or simply to double up on texture.

Different Approaches to Design Lighting

Besides being functional, lighting today is redefined by its sensory play of elevating and enhancing spaces. It is a medium that adds character and depth to the area, creating an experience for today's generation.

Tips to jazz up your kitchen and make it beautiful

Plants make all the difference! Growing a herb garden in your kitchen is a fab idea. Not only does it add a splash of living colour into the kitchen but also adds scent, taste and a dynamic element. You can choose to stylishly grow herbs on a wall-mounted ceramic container if you are lacking space in the room.