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Effortless ideas to brighten your room with rug

You can layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor. There are numerous reasons to go the more-is-more route with your rugs, whether it’s to fill a large space or simply to double up on texture.

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Rugs are a wonderful addition to any room, and there are so many different styles to choose from. They can set the tone for an entire room and can either make or break it. You can layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor. There are numerous reasons to go the more-is-more route with your rugs, whether it’s to fill a large space or simply to double up on texture.

Here, we bring you some effortless ideas to make this technique of brightening your rooms with rugs work for you.

1. Feel adventurous with a graphic rug

We always try to play safe when it comes to our living room decor.

Traditionally, art is known to go on the wall. But at this age, you can place a graphic modern rug and feel a little adventurous. The striking lines have now become the artwork of the floors too. They offer you the gallery-like feel to your space,

You can choose from sweeping abstract strokes to bold geometric patterns. However, you can be a bit more experimental and consider irregular line design rugs. Whatever may be the case, do not forget to match the color with your other items in freshening the living room.

2. Give a makeover through a like boho rug

Are you looking for an easy way to add life to your rental apartment without picking up a paintbrush? Then choose a boho rug, pair it with your sofa (colorful velvet will be the best), and your living room is ready for welcoming your guests. Bohemian-style rugs are full of artistic and busy patterns and express a wanderlust vibe with their global-inspired designs.

There aren’t any rules for decorating with them so you can layer it with mixed styles. You may consider pairing African mud cloth, batik style, and even geometric throw pillows with a boho rug. They’ll often be playful and a bit romantic at the same time.

3. The best way to incorporate mid-century modern style

If you don’t know why the sleek and timeless style is still having a moment, then try it out. The key to incorporating this look is understanding its history and creating an effortlessly modern mix. Among all the shades, muted colors and pastels work well.

In some decor styles, area rugs can be the perfect match for your vibrant surroundings. So, hunt for a bold pattern rug to add vibrant colors. Many designers love the muted graphic print in the living room as it highlights attractive furniture and other accessories.

4. Freeze your guests’ eyes with stage the   rug

As the name suggests, shag rugs are a kind that looks quite textural and messy. Well, they may seem frizzy, but they are also beautiful. There are several colors, patterns, and textures of these modern rugs, and you’ll have limitless beauty. The one aspect that makes it unique is its soft and comfortable nature. They come in wool, leather, polyester, faux, fur, acrylic, and even polypropylene.

If you’ve small kids, then it would be an ideal choice as due to their softness, it will allow them to crawl well. But you have to be cautious when it comes to choosing a pet-friendly rug.

5. Create a blue-sea vibe with the calm blue rug

Who doesn’t like to relax under a shimmery sky with coastal vibes? Well, now, it may be tough to visit beaches due to the COVID-19 crisis. But you can create this atmosphere in your living room by adding ocean blue rugs with a few accessories.

You can opt for an airy rug in a light neutral color, such as beige, grey, or white. In addition to this, soft stripes or floral prints can provide the perfect pattern for your living room makeover. On one side, your whitewashed walls will meet exposed beams, while on another side, your floors will retreat you with blue-sea vibes.

6. Break the stereotype of striped rug

The striped rug adds instant sophistication to any space. Though it acts trippy sometimes, it lends some edge and newness to the classic stripe motif. In addition to this, the broken stripe, which wouldn’t line up perfectly, has emerged to be cool. If you want to add more drama to your room, then a black and white stripe is a gusty choice (especially in a rustic style).

Generally, people go crazy with the uneven stripes, but the fact is that it is a subtle take on the trend. Additionally, it will add a fresh and modern feel to your space.

7. Gain some freedom with a grey pattern rug

There’s no denying the fact that grey is a neutral color that goes with about anything. Apart from this, you’ll also find gold accents everywhere now. The subtle mix of grey and gold is the ideal choice if you are considering freshening up your interiors. On one side, grey will make you feel dramatic, while on another side, gold will add glamour to your interiors.

So, grey patterned modern rugs will suit well to your gold background. You can use these hues in a more understated way to deliver a timeless and refined interior.

8. Add a contemporary twist with the traditional rug

The incorporation of one single style can make your living room outdated and tiring. On the other side, mixing up styles create a home that is inviting and fascinating. You can easily decorate your living room with a traditional rug to get a modern vibe. The traditional rugs are modern-day representations of time-honored European and Asian patterns. They’ve complex, intricate patterns and feature central medallions or shapes.

Ultra-fine variations from your style can make your living room more intriguing. Therefore, look for contemporary patterns in traditional colors and surprise your guests.

9. Style your space with a cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are high in designs as they are in controversy. They offer textural additions to your living room that cannot be duplicated by any other modern rugs. With different hues of black, white, and brown, they’ll fit in almost any room, making it unimaginably beautiful. Animal lovers, they are safe to use and made of by-products of animals that are used for other purposes also.

Choosing the right modern rug for your space can create a unified yet unique look. With this cowhide rug, you are going to be the “talk of the town” for years as it also comes with longevity.

10. Be classy with the splashy rug

If your living room has gone on a mute mode, then add a splashy rug to give your space some life. The large, hand-knotted rug will add a pop of color to your room. Rugs laid down with brilliant blue shades can bring color into your monochromatic room. With that, pink chairs and dining tables would look vintage.

You can even take up a traditional design and end up with a contemporary-looking rug that fits perfectly in your living area. Or else, feature a Moroccan-inspired lantern pattern with a beautiful waterfall of blue tones to brighten up your living space.