Hinduism for Americans

With the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit in progress, most Indian Americans are in a celebratory mood in welcoming him and praising him for major improvements in both economy and peace in India during his tenure.

Unity and Disunity~II

The word Hindu was first coined by the Persian King Darius in 516 BCE, meaning people living beyond the river Sindhu (Indus), after he annexed Sind. The word was never meant to denote any religion, only the territory beyond the Indus

Vedas and Management

We as Indians suffered a heavy loss economically, socially and spiritually owing to ignorance of our great Vedic literature. It is time to put our focus back on Vedic knowledge so that our youngsters grow on all fronts especially research, development, skills, and knowledge building to make India great again and lead the world with balanced growth