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Educational levels and moral values are on the decline. Addiction to prescription drugs is destroying an entire generation. The economic divide between the rich and the poor has continued to get wider; mansions and condos have replaced uniform housing developments for the middle class.

Freedom to Hope

 The thickening forest of uplifted arms demanding Azadi threatens, like in Shakespeare's Macbeth, the castle of the Indian democracy.

Women in Islam

It is true that in societies trapped in poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, women continue to receive abominable and oppressive treatment. But then, this is true of all societies. Muslims cannot be singled out for such a flawed social order. This distortion, however, should not deflect our focus from some path-breaking and stellar contributions of Muslim women not just to Islamic civilization but the secular society as well

AMU lecture: Gandhi was for individual freedom, says Rajmohan

"When I last met Frontier Gandhi in 1987 when he visited India for the final time in Mumbai's Raj Bhavan, he told me that patience was prescribed again and again in the Holy Quran, and patience and non-violence were very close to each other."