Growth and Equity

The true development of a community involves a transformation of the state of a human being. However, such a transformation must have the active involvement and participation of those affected by it. True development transforms groups without destroying their culture, traditions, environment, livelihood, and social patterns, which must be preserved and protected because they are central to the very life of the people

Position of Women

New challenges have surfaced due to quick technological changes, rise of neoliberalism. and the Covid 19 pandemic. Women still face discrimination, exploitation, bias, and stereotyping, continuing violence, unequal pay for equal work, gross inequalities in domestic and childcare responsibilities

EU says not all Covid-19 vaccines equal

“Vaccines that have met WHO’s threshold should be accepted. Otherwise it looks like there’s an element of racism here, said Dr Mesfin Teklu Tessema, director of health for the International Rescue Committee

Karma and Law

Karma, as the root of life, is at least as old as the Vedas if not even older. On the other hand, the inspiration to socialism may be vaguely traced to Plato's Republic or Greek philosophy. The second written inspiration was Thomas More's Utopia, a title which is self explanatory of socialism's deficiency in realism. In any case, it has no connection with the Indian ethos

Law’s Not So Majestic Equality

We should not read the Constitution as being fundamentally opposed to greater equality in economic dimensions; neither should we fool ourselves into believing that the law’s promise of equality is complete, says BASTIAN STEUWER.