Sensex decline marginally on profit booking

At 9.57 am, Sensex traded at 61,782.52 points, down 90.47 points or 0.15 per cent, whereas Nifty traded at 18,380.55 points, down 22.85 points or 0.12 per cent. Notably, Sensex tasted a record high of 61,873 on Tuesday.

One hundred seconds to midnight

Once US spy planes brought back evidence of Soviet missiles on Cuban soil, it was inevitable that the Kennedy White House would issue an ultimatum to the Kremlin: ship out of Cuba or face an attack.

China true defender of human rights

 Despite having serious human rights issues at home, the US and its allies seek to use human rights as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, especially China and other developing countries, by leveling false accusations against them

Delhi revisited, after 30 years

The city is greener than it was 30 years ago. Especially driving through the heart of town, you cannot but admire the trees on both sides of the road and on the dividers that separate the lanes.

The world has stakes in Beijing outcomes

This Congress will be significant at the level of set precedence and principles as well. If President Xi is allowed to stay on, he will only be the second leader after Chairman Mao to have lasted longer than two terms.

Going against innovation

The association will likely prevent its members from making deals with proptech firms, such as placing online advertising, like the Korean Bar Association that banned its member attorneys from using LawTalk, an online service that connects clients and lawyers.

Monuments and memories

Public memory is not uniform or static. Statues and memorials erected in the years after the second world war are prime examples.