Tough road ahead for Tamil star Vijay

After the legendary former chief minister M G Ramachandran (MGR) and J. Jayalalithaa, other superstars such as Kamal Haasan and Vijaykant had ventured into politics earlier.

African elections

As the world turns its gaze toward Senegal’s upcoming Presidential elections, the once-praised bastion of democracy in West Africa finds itself ensnared in a disconcerting trend ~ the manipulation of elections through the strategic deployment of courts.

Democrats’ Dilemma

As the United States enters the year of the next Presidential election, the Democratic Party finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with growing concerns about President Joe Biden’s chances of securing a second term.

Perils of Dole

Politicians throughout the world use the election season to make numerous promises to the electorate, and India is no exception. Voters may find electiontime promises extremely alluring, but their fulfilment after the elections presents obstacles for the promise-makers.

China factor looms over Taiwan election

Taiwan is gearing up for important presidential and legislative elections next month. How to manage “cross-strait” relations with China is not surprisingly emerging as the critical issue of the campaigns. Taiwan first held competitive presidential elections in 1996.