India building digital infrastructure to connect people: PM

At the outset, the PM underlined the critical role of semiconductors in today’s world and said; “It is our collective aim to establish India as one of the key partners in global semiconductor supply chains. We want to work in this direction based on the principle of Hi-tech, high quality and high reliability.”

Ugly Love

Failure to tame corporate power will have disastrous consequences. It will lead to further widening of rich-poor divide and its consequences for democratic politics are not hard to imagine. History tells us that such politics will lead to populism, petty nationalism and extremism

President lauds ‘Digital India’ initiative, says Centre working on developing 5G

On the first day of the Budget Session of Parliament, the President addressed the joint sitting and said, "I would also appreciate the vision of the government for the success of the country's UPI platform in the context of Digital India and the growing spread of the digital economy. In December 2021, more than eight lakh crore rupees have been transacted through UPI in the country."

KMC moves to mop up due property taxes

For all vacant and unassessed properties whose owners are untraceable, the KMC will take over the plot and install a signboard declaring it now belongs to the civic body. The owner of such properties can reclaim their plots by first getting their properties assessed and then paying the tax for it.