Graded Inequality~II

Poor and developing countries need to use their natural resources even if at ‘unsustainable’ levels, because these are the only resources available for their sustenance. Many estimates have pointed out that nearly half of the world‘s population ekes out a living from degraded resources like land and forests. In the future, these resources might not be able to sustain productive livelihoods. But there is no alternative

Energy Security~I

India is the world‘s third-largest energy consuming country, thanks to rising incomes and improving standards of living. Indeed, energy use has doubled since 2000, with 80 per cent of demand still met by coal, oil and solid biomass. More elaborately, coal is the country‘s top energy source with a share of 46 per cent in 2021, followed by oil (23 per cent) and biomass (21 per cent)

Path to Riches~II

There are several countries which sell their citizenship. So as the real India's socio-economic situation worsens, keep an escape route open. Bear in mind that 2.25 lakh High Net worth Indians gave up their Indian nationality in 2022 alone. Obviously they were not idiots, they knew pretty well how the nation was being hollowed out and why it was worth their while to find a safe haven, from where they could continue with their predatory behaviour in India, while enjoying the privileges of an honoured citizen abroad