Outlook on China

Moody’s decision to revise China’s credit outlook from stable to negative has sent ripples across global financial markets.

Defending India

India’s endeavour to bolster its military might unfolds as a complex and nuanced narrative. The recent strides made by the Narendra Modi government in remaking India’s military apparatus reflect not only a response to the rising spectre of Chinese power but also an intricate weeding out of ghosts of the past.

Do more, talk less

As a human being, Trump lacks the empathy, social graces and qualities you normally associate with top leaders. But 73 million and 47 per cent of American voters stood by him irrespective of these personal flaws, because to them he delivered change (never mind the train-wreck), tried to control immigration, withdrew from foreign wars, and exploited Twitter technology to connect directly with them.

Year of the Dragon

Laid low by the consequences of a deadly virus that was first reported at about this time last year in China, and convulsed by a bitter election fought in the United States whose effects will really begin to be felt with the change of guard early in 2021, the world’s economies have gasped for breath, with no ventilators around to rescue nations hit by increasing joblessness, fall in demand and disrupted supply chains.