Outlook on China

Moody’s decision to revise China’s credit outlook from stable to negative has sent ripples across global financial markets.

Defending India

India’s endeavour to bolster its military might unfolds as a complex and nuanced narrative. The recent strides made by the Narendra Modi government in remaking India’s military apparatus reflect not only a response to the rising spectre of Chinese power but also an intricate weeding out of ghosts of the past.

Of nationalism

Speaking at a webinar hosted by an Australian think-tank, he went on to add that the Sino-Indian relationship had been “significantly damaged” this year. Also, this week, Mr Jaishankar was targeted in a media interview by a respected commentator on international affairs and former Indian Foreign Service colleague for his helming of Indian foreign policy which was characterised by the latter as being marked by “a lot of uncertainty… (and) no clear direction”.

Water as a weapon

China’s main aim is to equip itself with strategic leverage over India. Such huge water storage could be used as a tool for consolidating supremacy in the disputed territories. China is using Tibetan waters to further its territorial ambitions