Reopening wounds

Just three days before the top leaders from Japan, South Korea and China were to gather in the South Korean city of Busan to discuss resuming their leaders’ summit as part of a resumption of the annual trilateral summit that began in 2008 but remained suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic since 2019

Rare-earth challenge

In the race toward a sustainable automotive future, the global push to liberate electric vehicles (EVs) from the shackles of rare earth materials dominated by China is gaining momentum.

Microwaves and psyops

The Indian Army issued a denial on Tuesday, emphasising that no such incident has taken place in Ladakh and noting that they remain in control of the high ground

Towards disengagement and de-escalation

The second stage would involve pulling back armoured and artillery elements deployed on the Southern Bank, where India holds the key having occupied heights along the Kailash Ridge. This would be followed by pulling back of troops in this region.