Construction can be the sector of last resort

The role of the labour intermediaries and the denial of minimum benefits to the workers even when the parent organisations are willing to adhere to the norms, are some of the common and prevalent practices followed within the construction sector.

Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations in the capital

Eid, the biggest Muslim festival was celebrated in the capital  on  the third of May with traditional gaiety. Muslims came out in large numbers to offer prayers at Jama Masjid and other mosques in the city. It is the first time Muslims have been able to gather to pray and celebrate Eid without coronavirus restrictions in the city.

Masks mandatory in Delhi again, Rs 500 fine for defying norm

In view of the rise in fresh Covid-19 cases in the national capital over the past few days, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Wednesday decided to make wearing masks mandatory in public places in the city and also reinforce the Rs 500 penalty for defying the norm, the sources said.

Job Security

Barring exceptions, it has been seen almost on a universal scale that in organisations where job protection was or is being harboured, employees seldom take their job seriously and develop a casual and lethargic attitude towards work. On one end of the spectrum, it encourages inefficient persons not to take their job seriously and on the other, it discourages efficient employees because there is no incentive to perform better