Divine Dialogues

On his release from jail after the Alipore Bomb trial concluded in May 1909, Aurobindo Ghose launched ‘Karmayogin’, a weekly…

Tale of Scientists

While we all celebrate the works of Indian scientists like J C Bose, C V Raman, S N Bose, Meghnad Saha and Homi Bhabha, we know very little of others who might not have acquired stellar reputation, but have contributed substantially, against all adversities, to the cause of science. Such scientists worked quietly, in Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore and elsewhere. Their work also deserves to be systematically recorded, assessed and contextualised

Russell Exchange – last player remaining in the game

Earlier, a documentary titled The Auction House: A Tale of Two Brothers was filmed on this oldest surviving auction house in the city. James May, television presenter, is to film the Russell Exchange for the third season of his series titled Our Man in India.

When Gandhiji spoke to us

In his autobiography, Gandhiji talked of his visit to Calcutta as it then was in 1896, and the contrasting receptions he got from editors of the different newspapers he met to talk about his work in South Africa. One editor thought he was a wandering Jew while another after keeping him waiting for an hour told him, “You had better go. I am not disposed to listen to you.” Gandhiji writes: “…I met the Anglo-Indian editors also. The Statesman and The Englishman realised the importance of the (South African) question. I gave them long interviews and they published them in full.” We publish these interviews here, among the first of Gandhiji published in India.