The Moral Economist~II

The principles set down by Smith may be easily recognised today, but were truly revolutionary in his time. Smith argued that man’s basic and most important motivating force in all economic affairs is the drive of self-interest. Secondly, there is in nature an order of things that compounds and translates these individual self-interest strivings into a unified mass, resulting in the common social good. Finally, from the interaction of these two principles he draws his conclusion that the best economic system can result only where it is left strictly alone

JU ranks 5 for arts in world university list

The university ranked fifth in this category among the best Indian institutions. A total of four institutions in the country -- namely Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), University of Delhi, IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi are ahead of JU in this list. Both IIT-D and JU have ranked in the range of 401-450 worldwide.

Across multiple disciplines

As businesses are becoming comprehensive, quality management education can extend to candidates from almost any background.

Power of arts

The HCL Concerts received an overwhelming response for their sensational show, comprising Bollywood and Beyond, the specially curated fusion of…