Anis Khan

No headway yet on Anis Khan death probe

The members of the SFI and DYFI staged protests demanding justice for Anis and also protested the unlawful detention of DYFI leader Minakshi Mukherjee. They demanded her immediate release from jail and other members of the DYFI and SFI, held following a face-off with the police during its march towards the office of the SP (rural) at Panchla in Howrah on Sunday.

Anis Khan’s body exhumed for second autopsy

A senior forensic state medicine (FSM) expert said that the autopsy test would reveal whether he had sustained any internal injury apart from his external injuries. It would also help the SIT members know about the seriousness of his internal injury or injuries to explore exact cause of his death.

Anis’ father joins identification parade

Salem Khan again demanded a CBI investigation. He also demanded the arrest of two other police personnel, who were in police uniform and had held him at gunpoint on the fateful night, before three others, who were in civil dress, went upstairs with Anis.

Anis murder case: CPM hits out at Mamata government

The CPIM MP and former Kolkata mayor, Bikasranjan Bhattacharya, took to his Facebook profile and wrote that it was condemnable how under Mamata Banerjee’s regime, the family of the deceased is being threatened to ditch their demand for a CBI probe. He said it was quite apparent who is afraid of a transparent and unbiased investigation. He alleged that Anish’s family is being tempted with lucrative and false promises and threats to step down from their demand for a fair probe.

Anis murder case: Chilling details come to light

In the letter, Anish wrote to the officer-in-charge of the Amta P.S that on 22 May 2021, a blood donation camp was arranged in his village by the ‘Jana Swastha Suraksha Committee under his leadership. But on the previous day, along with the Gram Panchayat deputy chief (Upapradhan), local TMC leaders such as Malek Khan and his elder son, Masood Khan along with their acolytes warned him against organising the camp and threatened him of dire consequences.

Left protests over Anis Khan death rocks state

SFI activist Dipshita Dhar questioned how is it that police randomly enters a house without any warrant? "If it wasn't police then how dare the police remain inactive despite being informed by the family that men in police uniform murdered their son? What is chief minister Mamata Banerjee doing? She ought to remember she is the police minister."