Living in the digital age where our daily movements are interlinked with phones and computers, technology plays a key role in current world dynamics. Technology has caused a paradigm shift in the way the modern citizen communicates while also causing disruptions in our perceptive analogy of everything we have previously been acquainted with.

Indus Net Technologies, while recently announcing the second edition of the Digital Success Summit, spoke of disruption via technology as means of innovation in the modern world. Multiple levels of innovation make ideas not only feasible but also available to the crowds in need of technological benefits. Challenges have been overcome through the means of crowd funding, workshop subscriptions and start ups and classes helping struggling entrepreneurs to enable the world to be connected digitally for global mutual sharing of benefits in the road to progress.

As announced by Indus Net Technologies, the Digital Success Summit 2019 would revolve around the theme of ‘Growing Digitally, Growing Profitably’ and would include sessions where business owners and strategists would come and share insights and ideas.

Some of the headliners from the Digital Success Summit 2019 were also present during this declaration of the second edition and imparted their valuable knowledge regarding the prospective future of innovation through the means of technological. Abhishek Rungta, Founder and CEO of Indus Net Technologies and Aji Isaac Mathew, CEO of Indus Net announced the second edition followed by a discourse from Kiruba Shankar of Business Blogging Pvt Ltd and Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder of

Indus Net Technologies also held an interactive session with journalists where they spoke of using technology as a tool for reporting and collection of news. It included a lecture on using the internet as a source of primary and secondary data collection to communicate with citizens and create a meaningful impact and also regarding the ways of recognising sources spreading fake news and countering them.

(Inputs given by Shreyosi Roy, Ex-GD Birla Centre for Education)