The royal state of India

Rajasthan’s uniqueness lies in its food, attire and history, as well as the contrast between its abundant colours and vast desert stretches.

The literary genius

Charles Dickens' writings are priceless as they depict the true state of society, particularly exploitation of the labour class, including very young children.

Food festival for kids

Everything on the menu was created keeping in mind the flavours and textures that appeal to children the most - sweet, crunchy and tasty.

Shrouded in mystery

The early origin of the Bermuda Triangle stretches as far back as Columbus. Fact or fiction, the myth is a part of local lore that won’t disappear anytime soon.

A boon or bane?

Though the advent of television changed household activities, but now it seems to be doing more harm than good by replacing creative habits, especially among the young.

The world’s new favourite

Greta Thunberg’s campaign is awesome and passionate. She has not simply lent her voice to our concerns but has helped us to muster the courage and convince people who aren’t conscious about the environment.

Paradise on Earth

Leh and Ladakh are exquisitely beautiful and include several monasteries, stupas and indigenous markets that draw myriad visitors from across the world.