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Shrouded in mystery

The early origin of the Bermuda Triangle stretches as far back as Columbus. Fact or fiction, the myth is a part of local lore that won’t disappear anytime soon.


Bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean. The ‘Devil’s Triangle has baffled numerous scholars, scientists and geographers. In the past, dozens of ships and airplanes have dematerialised under unexplained circumstances. Some of these accidents include the unanticipated disappearance of a squadron of the US Navy bomber during the Second World War, leaving behind no infinitesimal trace about their existence.

The early origin of the Triangle myth stretches as far back as Columbus, who noted in his logbook a haywine compass, strange lights, and a burst of flame falling into the sea. William Shakespeare too, immortalised the island — Bermuda’s mystical regulation in his The Tempest, a tale of shipwreck and sorcery in ‘the still-vexed Bermoothes’. But perhaps the most bewitching and taming tales were told by sailors terrified of shipwreck of Bermuda’s tremendous stretch of reefs. The bizarre disappearances attributed to the Triangle have been linked to everything from alien abduction to sorcery. Some scientists have come up with myriad and far-fetched theories regarding the same.

Since then, scores of fellow paranormal writers have tagged the triangles to everything from aliens, sea monsters to lime warps and reverse gravity fields, whereas more rational theorists have pointed to magnetic upheavals, water spurts or huge eruptions of methane gas from the ocean floor.

In all probability, however there is no single theory that solves the mystery. But scientists, throughout the years, have pointed out that there are plausible explanations for the vanishing of aircrafts and ships. New insights have been provided to such theory, which states that the vessels could have easily been overcomed by the giant and unexpected rough waves. They opine that storms can come from all directions like Mexico, the Equator and farther east in the Atlantic. Each wave reaches 30 feet (10m) height and can devour any vessel.

Fact or fiction, the Bermuda Triangle is a part of local lore that won’t disappear anytime soon.