For wildlife enthusiasts

‘The Man-eaters Of Kumaon’ is one the best books ever written by Jim Corbett. A man accustomed with each and every nook and corner of the Kumaon forests, is an interesting character to delve into.

The glorious achievements of tackling with innumerable gritty and majestic tigers and leopards are indeed rare but for the immensely talented Corbett, it was a matter of skill and patience.

As majestic he was, he took great pride after taming the indigenous Royal Bengal tigers and was an expert hunter, exceptionally biased towards this particular species!  Some of his famous stories like the Champawat Man-eaters, the Chowgarh Tigers, The Pipal Pani Tigers, The Mohan Man-eater, Fish of My Dreams, Just Tigers and many more exciting adventurous tales of his are also included.  A specialty of this book is the fact that he doesn’t forget to mention the various diversities and features of the local flora and fauna and the unique traits of the local people.  Those who are interested in wildlife, this book is an ideal one for them to have a look into and despite Mr. Corbett’s excellence in terms of perfect shooting, his writing skills would impress you for sure.

Ahana Chattopadhyay, Class IX, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School


The Temple Tiger: Jim Corbett Captivating ordeal

‘The Temple Tiger’ is yet another classic by hunter turned conservationist Edward James Corbett. This book is a sequel to Man-eaters of Kumaon.

He has successfully implanted the thrill of hunting through words. While reading he takes the readers through the whole process of deducing where he will find the man eater to where would be the most comfortable place to shoot it down. He also brings out that a tiger does not attack humans unless it is forced either due to some injury or old age.

They try to keep safe distances from humans but due to deforestation, they turn to human settlements for food.

The book also tells us about the temple tiger whom no hunter could even hurt. Jim himself failed 5 times only to conclude that the temple god was indeed protecting it, as predicted by the temple priest. To find out more you will have to read the book yourself and experience that thrill.

Akash Kumar, Coordinator, Class XI, Dreamland School