Public transport, whether trains, buses or Metro, generally has reserved seats or coaches for ladies. 

However, in Rohini, in West Delhi, there is a park, which is divided into two parts – one meant solely for ladies and the other a general one that is open for everyone. However, a fair number of men can often be spotted trespassing into the ladies’ park. 

When pulled up, the men would feign ignorance of the "divide" and move out. Irked by this frequent transgression, some ladies, joined by the park officials, came up with a plan to teach these deliberate trespassers a lesson. 

The first time offenders would be given a warning, the second timers would be garlanded and anyone breaking the rule a third time would have their photo taken and pasted on the park’s walls. 

Needless to mention, since these measures were implemented, the influx of men into the ladies’ park trickled to an almost total halt!