Surprising for some and shocking for most, the reality is that even the feeblest of human specimens around actually has the potential to fight a lion. Before you go “insanity”, consider the “potential” usage. What most fail to realise is that the bag of flesh, bones and blood one is happens to be the product of years of evolution. The baggage of ailments is the result of one&’s own actions so there&’s no point in blaming anybody or anything else for it.

Now the easiest way to reclaim your warrior status would be to get back to the ancestral life, the way of “the hunter-gatherer”, years removed from the Internet-fed life. But given your affinity with your smartphone, the chances of your joining such a revolution are rather slim; so here&’s an easier option — the five most fundamental human movements, The Big Five:

The squat

Ever watch a kid pick something off the floor? Probably not. Next time watch closely. The tiny one will not stoop, bending at the waist, legs straight and back horribly arched. He/she rather sits with the back almost flat, knees tracking the toes but not exceeding them, grab hold and stand straight up. Just the way nature intended it to be. Mysteriously enough, as we grow older, instead of improving on the movement pattern we actually completely forego the correct path and instead do everything we’re not supposed to, eventually wrecking our knees and lower back. Long story short, you need to relearn the most basic of human movements. Again!


Be it horizontal (bench press, for example) or vertical (handstand push-ups or the dips), pushing is another fundamental movement of the human body. The triceps and the whole of the pectorals must work in unison in every pushing movement as the protagonist muscles, while the biceps, posterior delts, lat muscles (or your wings!), rhomboids and trapezius work together as the antagonist pairing and actually super stabilise the weight, or your body, whichever you are lifting – ie, strong shoulders equate to healthy shoulders.

More importantly, the shoulder joint is the only one able to rotate in any direction you want it to. But this also makes this the most vulnerable joint in the human machine as well. To acquire a set of shoulders that refuse to slip, use all planes of pushing — horizontal, vertical and everything in between.

Loaded carries

Building work capacity so fearsome that it would put a horse to shame, structuring lean muscles throughout your body and losing fat, no torching them, all with one movement… Sounds like an impossible deal, right? For a change, its absolutely possible!

Very rarely, if ever, would you see anybody performing this very basic and fundamental group of movements in the gyms of today. They have all but vanished from almost every workout joint except for the places where the superbodies are built. No one but the diesel hardcore trainee gives these a shot nowadays. And the reason for that is obvious. Everybody has a desire to have a fabulous body but only a handful have the fortitude to fight for it.

Loaded carries are not only tough on your body but on your mind too. Extremely simple and straightforward, these are anything but easy. As the name suggests, just pick up a weight, anything, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags or even your wife (yeah, you read that right!) and keep walking. And for as long as possible. Put it down, rest awhile and repeat. Can anything be simpler than this? There are simply no physique goals these super moves cannot achieve. If you really want to reignite your warrior spirit, give these a shot. You will be addicted!

The deadlift

Give me a more basic and common movement than picking or lifting an object off the ground and I’ll show you a person whose hardest chore is popping pills just to stay alive…

Lifting something heavy off the ground is known as the deadlift in exercising terms. It&’s the holy grail to many and rightly so. If you do give adequate time and effort to learning the movement and its variations correctly, you can almost wave the ortho doc goodbye because you’ll effectively be bulletproofing your your lower back and hip joints. For strength and muscle building purposes… take a look at “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman deadlifting. Enough said!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a bodybuilder, a weekend warrior, a corporate wolf, a soccer mom or someone who cares about the “bang bang” quotient, there&’s at least one variation of this absolutely necessary lift for each of you. It will make you stronger, more muscular, injury-free and healthy.


Simply reverse each and every pushing movement you can come up with and you have all the pulling movements you must do. And all the muscle groups have their roles reversed as well. Now the pushing muscles are the antagonists, ie, the triceps, anterior and medial delts, etc. And the biceps, lats and traps are the protagonists. One caveat, however, is that you ought to pull more than you push. This effectively bulletproofs your shoulder joints and ensures they never go for a ride, leaving you in unbearable agony. The ideal ratio is to pull double the volume than you push.

For a back so wide that it almost blocks out the sun, trapezius that are confused for hills and tennis ball-like biceps, have a pulling fiesta once a week.