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Pathway to excel

Pathway to excel

Meyeinla Longchar |

There is a whole range of specialiasition within the area of medicine and healthcare covering a variety of diverse aspects. The Delhi Academy of Medical Science is one such entrance coaching centres in India established to create a benchmark in the competitive exams. It has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together in pursuit of a single goal. To provide equal level of medical education and to bridge the gap, the institute provides specific knowledge to crack the entrance exams. Sumer Sethi, director, Delhi Academy of Medical Science, explains on the various initiatives taken by the institute in providing specific knowledge. Excerpts:

How is Dams different from the rest? 

Dams is an institute that trains doctors for postgraduate medical entrance and for further education abroad. This institute is in operation since 1999 and offers courses for further studies through its network of more than 120 locations across the country. Medical education is not uniform and we serve as a bridge by providing study material. We have pain stakingly assembled an enviable quorum of well-experienced and astute faculty from leading institutes who have the passion to teach and share knowledge.

What are the initiatives taken by the institute in providing specific knowledge to crack the entrance exams?

At Dams, we pride in our innovative methods for content delivery. We started India&’s first satellite based classroom (called Dams SKY) in this segment with a vision to bring quality medical education to outlying students, especially those with constraints of time and travel. Its mission is to leverage Tele-Education and unique pedagogical practices to train, coach and educate large numbers of aspirants and help them achieve their life goals. We also use various social media avenues and mobile app technologies like our cloud app to provide latest updates to medicos all over the country. 

How will one benefit from the course that the institute is offering?

In today&’s time specialisation is a must for a good medico career. With over 90 thousand aspirants vying for 10 thousand odd seats, competition is intense. A comprehensive, consistent and intensive preparation is required for medical entrance.  We provide guidance to young doctors not only for conceptual clarity, subject coverage and MCQ orientation, but also how to peak for the best performance in the exams.  

What are the various programmes designed to focus on education and training areas? 

Today at Dams we have subunits for PG medical entrance for doctors, another for USMLE /PLAB preparation for doctors aiming to go abroad for specialisation. We have also started a segment for dental graduates aiming to specialise, and a unit for clinical training programmes. 

According to you what are the challenges faced by educational institutes in India today?

Most important challenge faced by any education institute in India is lack of quality and passionate faculty. Teachers don’t earn that much capital but what they earn is the gratitude of the students and that is priceless. But understandably in our country our first contact teachers in school are not necessarily driven by passion to teach and most likely are there for livelihood. And they fail to ignite the same fire that a passionate person would. On a more senior level in post graduation and beyond particularly in medical sector I notice a sense of insecurity in many people and fear that the student will go beyond them. Teaching is a noble profession and should restore the nobility associated with it.