Driving a hard bargain may leave one satisfied but wise heads advice never to take the opponents for granted. A colleague was witness to an amusing bargaining match, where the apparent victor turned out to be the loser.

He narrated how his cab driver, who considered himself a "master bargainer", stopped at the Pragati Maidan traffic light and hailed a teenage boy selling batteries, phone chargers and other such paraphernalia. When the youngster quoted a fancy price of Rs.200 for the charger, the driver snorted and offered to pay Rs.10. And then began the bargaining, both sides pitching different rates one after the other. Following a tough bout of haggling in the blazing mid-day sun, the two settled for a price of Rs.50. Pleased with his bargain, the victorious driver gloated over his skills as he drove off. Our colleague was pleased with his bargaining tactics and thought to apply them when needed in future.

A while later, the driver decided to test his new acquisition. Unfortunately, the charger refused to work, leaving our colleague in splits as the tables were now turned on the "victor"!