It looks as though Chris Pine may be in the running for the role of Green Lantern, with rumours suggesting he may suit up as Hal Jordan. Although Warner Bros has officially announced a new Green Lantern movie in 2020, little has been heard of the DC superhero. Of course, the Green Lantern solo film is a long way off, but with Justice League just around the corner, it&’s about time some clues pointed to who will take over the role from Ryan Reynolds. And it looks as though Chris Pine may once again be in the running.

According to Umberto Gonzales of the Latino Review, the 34-year-old Star Trek actor may be up for the role of DC&’s Green Lantern. "HOT RUMOR! #GREENLANTERN UPDATE! The name I keep hearing and floating around, is Chris Pine for Hal Jordan," he said via Instagram. "Yes, Captain Kirk. Again, this is still just a RUMOR hence UNCONFIRMED." Although many fans assumed that WB would go in a different direction following the earlier Green Lantern movie, it looks as though the John Stewart incarnation of the character might not be what they’re looking for… and Hal Jordan may make a return. "Been hunting this one for a while so the search is still ongoing."

Of course, it sounds as though a decision hasn’t quite been made about the Green Lantern&’s fate… and with a cameo in Batman V Superman thought be extremely unlikely, it looks as though WB has some time to iron out the details. But then, that seems to go against earlier comments from Gonzales himself. "According to sources, I’m hearing Warners has finally found their GREEN LANTERN!" he said. "This scoop is kicking my butt though because I can’t get the name… yet. Still trying to bag it. Thought I would share it with you guys. Back to the hunt and good night!" Could this mean that Chris Pine has already been approached about the role? Could there be a little more negotiation in the way of landing the deal?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see… Green Lantern heads to cinemas on 19 June 2020.