Freedom. This seven lettered word had indeed stirred our tumultuous past that swiftly escaped through the cracks in the door of countless altruism and immense passion of our patriotic devotees and finally redefined itself under the gleaming sunlight to what we call "our magnificent present". Freedom is that ultimate triumph that, heedless of ruination and upheaval, secured the core place in one’s heart. 

Eventually, it was destiny that unwaveringly wove our future, but this extraordinary entity called "Freedom" kept humankind optimistic and full of zest even at that hour of desperation.

The many pages of my history book create a wonderful account of heroic combat and patriotism. As I read the accounts over and over again, delirium overtakes my gloom and I enter a different world altogether, where rebellion overrules contentment, a world where mental strength overpowers western evolution, a world where the cry of "Vande Mataram" and "Jai Hind" stifles the silent rage of the west, where a flood of spilt red blood becomes trifling, a world where trampled dry grass and the incinerated bare branches of the massive trees in Jallianwala Bagh sway with the breeze and sing inaudibly the anthem of glory.

Describing independence would be cumbersome, the simple reason being that freedom is sublime and an invisible entity that plays a huge role in our lives, camouflaged with care, controlling our lives, one way or another.   Freedom is as important as breath because it keeps us alive.  Can you ever imagine yourself barricaded from all the four sides with a tiny opening that invites the faint rays of the morning sun? Did we ever imagine ourselves in an islet surrounded by seclusion and fright? Did we ever place ourselves in the shoes of our lionhearted patriots who overcame the darkest storm the country had ever witnessed? If not, then what is the value of the contribution our brave hearts gifted us, a gift called "freedom", adroitly packaged with care and handed over to a generation and then the next?  In this era of altering prospects and fading culture, undoubtedly, we fail to discern the magic the seven lettered word, or rather are too busy enjoying this gift that we fail to comprehend its genesis, therefore abandoning its authenticity and re-establishing a common heedless attitude.

Coordinator, Class XII, St. Teresa’s Secondary School, Khidderpore.