The seemingly nondescript often houses oases of indescribable pleasure. The quiet alleys and lanes spreading out from Southern Avenue are now dotted with hole-in-the-wall eateries and little cafes. Although most are of fairly recent vintage, each is distinct when it comes to décor, menu and ambience. A casual jaunt in the neighbourhood would make one chance upon varied cuisines — from Dosas to Doritos! And the newest resident in the locality is Dimsum.

Kolkata’s affinity for these little pillows of happiness is storied and generations in the city profess an unabashed love for mainly, the Tibetan/Nepalese variety, popularly christened momos. That said, there is range of dimsums from across South-east Asia warranting one’s attention and Master Dimsum, off Vivekananda Park, promises to serve a selection of the best the region has to offer, be it Thai Dumplings or Hong Kong Style Gyozas.

Envisaged by those responsible for cult favourites like Oudh 1590, Chowman and Chapter 2, Master Dimsum marks owners Shiladitya and Debaditya Chaudhury’s first foray into a quick service restaurant chain. The joint is modestly spaced and eating-on-the-go is encouraged, going by the absence of chairs. However, the ambience is quite comforting — the interiors are bright and warmly lit — and that would surely make one linger to sample their offerings.

The menu is short and sweet but has some Dimsum classics to choose from. One begins, as one should in this regard, with the Chinese dumplings called Sui Mai. It packs in chicken or pork with vegetables in a little kernel of toothsome goodness. The same can be said of the Thai Dumplings, which are not only delicious to eat but beautiful to look at! One can also go for the fluffy steamed Baos, which are filled with lip-smacking goodness.

A personal recommendation would be the Meatball Stick in Noodle Soup but instead of the usual chicken or pork, the one containing little balls of mackerel stands out. Chef Peter Chin, who rustles up the delights on offer, especially advocated for the fish over the pork! There is an also option with an assortment of Dimsums that comes with a glass of cold drink.

Co-owner Shiladitya Chaudhury dropped in to sample some of the food himself and said, “We wanted to bring quality Dimsums out from five star hotels to the street where they would be more accessible and affordable to foodies. We are planning to open five outlets by October this year before the festive season and aim to open 20 more by the end of 2019.” One can only say, the more the merrier!

One also learnt that the word Dimsum mean’s “heart’s delight” and it is often served till mid-afternoon but these days, they also make for a filling dinner. In the main, this little oasis is sure to amply satiate one’s Dimsum cravings.