When a leading tabloid published news about Deepika Padukone jokingly advising Katrina Kaif not to marry Ranbir Kapoor in a behind-the-scenes video of an awards function, all hell broke loose. The story went viral and was rehashed and republished numerous times.

Needless to say, the headline became a trending one. But now in a shameful reversal of sorts, it emerges that the Chennai Express actress was gloriously misquoted – and how! Deepika indeed took part in a video where the anchor asked her that were she Katrina Kaif, what her New Year resolution would be. To which Deepika answered, "If I was Katrina Kaif, I’d marry Ranbir." In a classic case of misquoting a celebrity, the tabloid published the exact opposite. When her reaction on the issue was sought recently, a clearly miffed Deepika said, "One of your colleagues misquoted me. I never said anything like that and I’m not going to say anything else on this matter."

Deepika who was dating Ranbir once upon a time is now cordial with her formal "other" and has always wished "only for his best". In fact, when asked about the rumoured Ranbir Katrina engagement, she smiled and replied, "If it is true, I wish them all the best." Well, looks like some misquoting in the media has made the Happy New Year actress sad and angry.