Change in formats of most entrance examinations has LED Regent Education to launch a chain of bookstores across 25 cities
Kolkata-based Regent Education is set to launch a chain of bookstores across 25 cities in West Bengal and the North-east, which would be the first ever book chain in the country stocking competitive exam books and study material for higher education modelled on hi-tech libraries with electronic catalogues for easy access.
  This venture will require approximately Rs 10 crore over three years and is likely to take even longer to break even. Regent bookstore is hoping to cater to a whopping number of 200,000 students and anticipates the sale of a million books every year.
   “We wish to make books available at subsidised rates to students across West Bengal. Books would be sold at offer prices, which may be lowered by 40 per cent. And for financially underprivileged and handicapped students there would be a 50 per cent rebate. We are looking at this investment as a corporate social responsibility initiative,” said Vinod Duggar, chairman of Regent Education
  The bookstores would specialise in competitive exam books and exclusive study material for various entrance exams. Besides, it would stock books on science, maths, physics, chemistry and psychology. Each store is expected to stock at least 5,000 books at any given point of time. In order to expand their base, Regent is forging an alliance with various publishers.
  “Our objective is to make quality entrance test books available at low cost to students. The dynamics of competitive entrance tests are changing rapidly. For instance, at the beginning of this year there shall be a single all-India entrance format for aspiring medical students across all states. Earlier, each state had its own question format. Unfortunately, the new study material for the changed medical entrance format is not yet available in the East. We shall be among the first to introduce the same,” added Duggar.
  According to him, even the Indian Administrative Service examination format is undergoing a drastic facelift and would require a fresh study approach. Regent brought together 200 professors from various faculties. This jumbo team would not only create exclusive study materials for various entrance exams but also upgrade them every quarter according to changing patterns.