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Experience worth sharing

Ganesh Shashank | New Delhi |

It is not an uncommon feeling of nostalgia coupled with sadness amongst most B-School students who shall be stepping out of the colleges, ready to face the corporate life and take up the responsibilities that lie ahead. I am no exception. As the saga of an MBA comes to an end in many students’ lives, all one can think of is the two years well spent, the fun and pressures, the tough times of placements, the cases that we’ve solved together, the projects, competitions and what not. It’s not until the very end that reality strikes hard. Most of us won’t be students again and will be taking up managerial roles in leading organisations and shall be striving to be change masters and thought leaders.
The last one week at a B-school (MDI Gurgaon in my case) will be dedicated to reminiscing these moments. It does not matter whether we still have examinations left, projects to do and assignments to submit. Because in a week’s time, every aspect of student life comes to an end (unless one has plans of pursuing some form of further education). A month before the D-day, it’s a feeling of achievement because, in general, that’s the time when everyone gets placed and in the mood for celebration for its hard work culminating into a worthy placement. Many students are a part of the various clubs and committees that keep the college atmosphere vibrant, active and ever-happening.
While it is time for us to leave the college, it is definitely our responsibility to hand over the reins to able hands and preserve the values, the learning and the culture. The last few days do get well spent through selections, interviews and discussions about inducting prospective and handling the responsibilities. It is true to every word that a B-School never sleeps. On the final day, I am very sure that every graduating student would have thought about the song in the movie 3 Idiots: “Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again” for every student will surely want to be a part of such a fun-filled, ever-learning atmosphere for the rest of his/her life.
Having said this, some students do have further aspirations. There are students who wish to be civil servants and have been working diligently to crack the UPSC examinations. There are some who want to study law and thereby practice corporate law or become legal consultants. There are some who want to go for a double MBA, some who want to startup their own ventures. There are some who want to add certifications such as six-sigma certification, digital marketing, etc, to their quiver and look to enhancing their market value.