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Design industry: Right at the pinnacle

India has served to set the benchmark for global fashion and helped the country advance to a leading position in the design industry.

Kulneet Suri |

A great design is meant to influence and astound. It is to imbibe values, personality, creativity, and character into an innate object.

Today, India with a phenomenal growth rate of 23 to 25 per cent annually is the rising star among the design superpowers all across the globe. Personas like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Sunita Kohli, Manish Arora, Satyajit Rai, Ritu Beri, and many more have served to set the benchmark for global fashion and have helped to put India on a leading position in the design industry.

There are various aspects of designing and all of them hold astounding importance in the fundamentals of our culture and lives. The four most prominent of them have been discussed below in fair details:

Jewellery designing: India has traditionally been called the land of gems and jewellery, which holds true even today. It happens to be one of those unique items that hold a special place in the hearts of both the feline and the masculine. Knowing that one’s handiwork may be revered and passed on as heirlooms set quite an exceptional standard the designer must strive to live up to.

Creating a timeless and unique design requires great insight, artistic sense, and skills and Indian designers have had a historical advantage in the sphere of jewellery designing. Contributing to around seven per cent of the country’s GDP and 15.7 per cent of the total exports in the country, it is one of the fastest growing sectors, employing over four million professionals. India today dominates the sector globally, exporting 75 per cent of the world’s polished diamonds.

Communication designing: Every design that we encounter today has been created with only one purpose in mind: to connect with the personality of the user at a primal level. The mechanised world we live in today demands extensive planning and innovative designing that blends seamlessly with art, technology, and science.

The classic example of such an impact in designing is the first generation I-phone introduced by Steve Jobs. Today, this very same brand is trying to reach out to India owing to our popularity in the industrial and innovative design. Today India ranks among the top global giants in communication designing.

Interior designing: India today, ranks not only among the top design capitals in the world but also competes among the best in the business of innovation. Interior design in India has taken a huge leap within a very short span and is consistently rising in demand. The work of an interior designer is relatively complex as the profession involves not only making precise geometric calculations but also attempt beautification within a limited space requiring ingenuity in both architectural sense and creative, illustrative and durable designing which the owner can call home. The unique thing about India in interior designing is that how our designers can innovate in a space as small as a few hundred square feet and achieve brilliant results in the process.

Fashion designing: Every beautiful piece of love in your closet that you adore so much and dutifully save for those special occasions began its journey from the tip of a pen held by a passionate fashion designer. Designing something that is both aesthetically pleasing and also functional at the same time requires a lot of insight blended with skill, a sharp eye, and a creative mind as well.

This is the space where the Indian fashion designers are gradually tapping in, owing to which the fashion design industry of India has already begun to make global headlines. More than just adopting western trends, India seems to be a step ahead in creating a perfect blend of fusion clothing that other fashion capitals are struggling to keep up with.

India is currently generating a growth of 9.5 per cent per annum whipping up a storm in the global design world. India for long has been the pool of multiple cultures with designs and styles that can claim their roots from all around the globe, and this fusion of culture and design holds an immense value and status worldwide. Investments of foreign design brands like Versace, Vero Moda, Prada, Gucci and many more realising the vast potential of our design industry have already started to capitalise on such a market.

There’s a lot of potential in this venture and what is needed today is a skilled workforce of design professionals who can keep on contributing to the national growth in the global market. Therefore, the future of such an enterprise rests in the able hands of the professionals. With the right kind of training and education, we not only can look ahead to the continued growth of the industry in the homeland but also on an international level.

The writer is senior director at Institute of Management Studies, Noida.