In India, a number of competitive examinations are conducted every year for getting admission in top undergraduate and postgraduate professional courses. Every year lakh of students appear for entrance examinations to get admission in top colleges of their choice. The preparation for the competitive examination should begin right from the beginning of the year, instead of at the last minute when the examination schedule arrives.

During this time, students go through a lot of stress while trying to complete the entire syllabus at the last minute. However, following a strategic approach for the preparation of the entrance examinations is a better idea. Students who manage their time properly have a better chance of scoring high marks and getting admission in the college of their dreams. Here are the top tricks which ensure a guaranteed success:

Understand the key fundamentals: Before starting with the preparation, it is essential for a student to understand the basics of an examination. It is imperative to go through the entire syllabus, and identify the key areas which can help them in scoring high marks. This methodology can help them plan their study schedule, and understand which subjects should be focused upon.

Timetable: One of the most significant factors of preparing for examinations is setting and adhering to a timetable. After identifying the essentials to study, a student must create a timetable with realistic goals. This can boost student’s productivity. It is important to schedule short breaks throughout the study period to enhance concentration levels.

Relevant study material: The study material and books have a high impact on preparing for the entrance examinations. Reading of textbooks is strongly recommended, however, students sometimes rely only on their coaching notes. NCERT books which have the complete syllabus are the suggested books which a student must go through to crack their entrance examinations. One must focus on the development of conceptual knowledge that can be achieved from understanding the relevant ideas and concepts presented in the course textbooks.

Practice: Just the way concept clarity is important for a student, so is the practice. Going through the entire syllabus ensures better retention of concepts and information on the due day. It is important to use sample papers and mock test to achieve excellent results. There are a number of practice papers available online to help students prepare for the examination. The papers make sure that the students get clarity about the pattern of questions asked in the exam and provide an opportunity to assess their standing as per the preparation.

A healthy diet: Stressing over an examination is not a key to success. Instead, try to keep calm and eating healthy foods can help you during the preparation time. It is significant to sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day and not overburden themselves with studies. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. A healthy body leads to a healthier mind which in turn, boosts productivity and concentration levels.

Motivation: Lastly, it is important to stay motivated and not give up. Students should draw motivation from teachers, seniors, mentors, family members, and so on. Positive attitude and motivation will always inspire you to attain your goals. Students should look at seniors and alumni who have done well in competitive examinations, and understand important tips and instructions which helped them in achieving their goals.

The strategies mentioned above, if followed sincerely, can lead to guaranteed success in competitive exams. Stay motivated and keep the zeal within while preparing for the examinations. Cracking an entrance examination is not a big deal. All a student needs to do is not stress themselves out and manage their time properly. Just believe that you can do it, and you will be able to achieve it.


The writer is a senior director, Institute of Management Studies, Noida