As the clock struck four on 12 June, a part of the premises of Young Horizon School became an artist&’s studio. Dipping their paint brushes into colours, the children started painting on a 10 feet canvas. If their tousled hair and scruffy dress indicated that they have come from a economically challenged background, there was nothing in their demeanours which suggested the slightest hint of diffidence.

Their eyes lit up with joy as often their strokes on the big canvas were expertly guided by Eleena Banik, who needs no introduction. She was coordinating an workshop of painting by some of the evening section students of Young Horizon School. It offers free schooling to local community children who who mostly belong to an economically challenged background.

Sometime later convoy of Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi rolled along Eastern Metropolitan bypass and came to the school. Congratulating the school authorities on the completion of 40 years, the Governor had a word of praise for the younger painters and Banik.

All these children who study free of cost till class four in the evening section may not become famous painters. But they will develop into ideal citizens with a positive mind set thanks to the initiative of the school authorities and the inspiration of the eminent painter.