The annual Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally is a family tradition for many participants and proud owners of the vintage automobiles. The 53rd edition of The Statesman car rally on Sunday was no different.

Shreya Parikh (30), a jewellery designer, who was driving a vehicle for the first time, said she had been part of the rally for years and seen the classic beauties from when she was a toddler but was nervous and excited about being a participant. She drove a 1960 Fiat. Shreya’s family had entered three vehicles.

Her brother Tushar Parikh and father Sujan Parikh also drove in the rally.

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Another participant, Gaurav Jain, who was driving his Desoto was nervous, as his car had given trouble before the event and had to be repaired. But nothing could dampen his mood, spirit and enthusiasm. Gaurav has witnessed The Statesman car rally without fail since 1994.

The rally saw an overwhelming response from enthusiastic spectators as well.

Another automobile owner, Narender Srivastava, participated with his classic beauties, including a 1959 Pontiac and a 1939 Wulzale. He said as a toddler he used to come to the rally as a spectator and later became a regular participant.

For many, The Statesman car rally is not merely an annual event but a tradition of yesteryear to which they are emotionally attached. And with each passing year they only grow more enthusiastic about the event.