Star Indian pace bowler Mohammed Shami, who is known for troubling batsmen with his short deliveries and swing bowling, has himself failed to deal with the ‘bouncer bowled’ by his wife Hasin Jahan, who has accused him of torture, domestic violence, having extra-marital affairs and even match-fixing.

After making several serious allegations against her husband, Shami’s wife shared during a press conference on 9th March the recordings of an alleged phone call with the Indian pacer.

Jahan played the recording during the press conference and claimed that it was a telephonic conversation between her and Shami.

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Here are the details of the alleged phone conversation:

“Shami please don’t lie. When will you tell the truth? You don’t care about me, our daughter, our families, you don’t about anyone. You might care about that Pakistani girl so I urge you to tell the truth in Alishba’s name. Are these chats yours?”

“No” (male voice)

“When you said you didn’t have a Dubai visa and you can’t leave the hotel room then how did you get one? Why did you lie to me? It’s clear you are lying to me,” asked Hasin.

“I had a visa,” (male voice).

“You texted Alishba giving her the room details in the same hotel in Dubai. Was this also done by Mohammed bhai? When Alishba was waiting at belt no. 7 (at the airport) she knew your landing and take-off time. Was this all being done by Mohammed bhai?” asked Hasin.

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“Mohammed bhai had sent me money through Alishba so I had to take the money from her.” (male voice)

“You have only indulged in dirty chatting with her, Shami. You never mentioned receiving money…”

“But when I asked you about Alishba last night you said, “where did Alishba come from?”

“First you did all the drama with Alishba and then you said where did Alishba come from? You had sex with Alishba!”

“Listen don’t talk about sex” (male voice).

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Earlier, on 8th March, Mohammed Shami had denied all the claims made by his wife against him and said that his wife had “lost her mental balance”.

“She has lost her mental stability. She has to prove all the allegations made against me. If I have tortured her then she needs to prove it.” Shami said in a press conference.