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‘Hungry’ robbers went straight to McDonald’s after stealing Tim Paine’s wallet

Tim Paine had his wallet in his car which he had parked outside his home after converting his garage into a makeshift gym to stay fit during the lockdown.

SNS | New Delhi |

Australia Test skipper Tim Paine’s wallet and few other things were robbed from his home in Hobart and the thieves apparently went straight to a McDonald’s amid the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia.

Paine had his wallet in his car which was parked outside his home after he had converted his garage into a makeshift gym to stay fit during the lockdown. But the decision to park his car outside invited some unwanted charity for the Australian captain.

“I woke up this morning to a message from NAB saying I had some interesting movements on my account,” Paine was quoted as saying by Cricket Australia’s (CA) official digital platform.

“I went out and the (car) door was open and my wallet and a few other things had gone. Actually looking at my account, the boys went straight to Maccas – the boys must have been hungry,” the 35-year-old added.

However, Paine is all set to be compensated for his lost money with some brand new Kookaburra balls for him to train in his garage. After he revealed in a radio show that his love for batting had forced him to prepare a knocking set-up with balls in some old stockings, his sponsor has promised to get his back.

“Since that went on radio, I’ve had a message from (sponsor) Kookaburra and they’re going to send me some balls on a string that I can hook up in the garage and start training,” Paine said.

Earlier, Paine had said that Australia’s upcoming tour to Bangladesh slated to be held in June is unlikely to go ahead as scheduled, conceding that one doesn’t need to be an “Einstein” for that amid the global crisis due to coronavirus pandemic.

He said, “You don’t have to be Einstein to realise (the Bangladesh tour) is probably unlikely to go ahead, particularly in June. Whether it’s cancelled or pushed back, we’re not quite sure at the moment.”