Indian skipper Virat Kohli is currently peaking new heights in international cricket. The way Kohli has been smashing centuries one after another, it seems he is having them for breakfast.

So far, Kohli has smashed 66 international centuries (ODI-41, Test-25, T20I-0) in all formats and he is just 30-year-old. In the ongoing five-match ODI series against Australia, Kohli has already scored two centuries in the last three games and his average in the fifty overs game is above 60.

Kohli is considered as one of the best cricketers of the current generation and many teams have tried many tactics to get rid of him early but the Indian captain has managed to outsmart them on almost all occasions.

Recently, when Australia’s bowling great Shane Warne was asked about how to get rid of Virat Kohli, he said, “I think the one thing you need to do with Virat, which is one thing teams don’t do enough of, is take away both sides of the wicket.”

“If you’re going to bowl to Virat Kohli, you either bowl at leg stump and protect the on side, or you bowl wide of off stump and you protect the off side. You cannot bowl at the stumps, because he can hit you both ways. So, I think you’ve to take out one side of the field. Protect just one side of the field, that’s how you bowl to very good players,” Warne told ESPNcricinfo at end of the MCC World Cricket committee meetings.

“I’d be bowling wide of off stump and letting him try to cover drive with a slip, short cover and some protection out there. So then it’ll be very hard for him to get it over the leg side. That’s what I’d be trying to do and hopefully get a little bit lucky and he mis-hits one,” Warne added.