After Jofra Archer made the shocking revelation that he was racially abused during the first Test of the two-match series between New Zealand and England at the Mount Maunganui, two spectators said that it was an English man who abused Archer.

Two Tauranga brothers who were present in the stands during the incident have said that it was an English man who hurled the racist abuses to the pacer.

“He was an English supporter. He definitely wasn’t a New Zealand supporter, he never once mentioned a New Zealand player,” One of the brothers was quoted by New Zealand news website

“This guy chose quite quiet, specific times, when the bowler was just walking up to his run-up so it was quiet and he would yell out,” the other brother added.

Notably, Archer on Monday took to social media to share the information that he was racially insulted by a fan present at the stadium.

“A bit disturbing hearing racial insults today whilst battling to help save my team, the crowd has been amazing this week except for that one guy. The Barmy Army was good as usual also,” tweeted Archer.

Speaking for the first time after the incident, the Barbados-born English pacer had said that he would be fine if someone criticised his bowling but believed there was “no time or place for racism in any walk of life”.

“When you come to another country, you half expect fans to have a go at your cricket. If someone wants to shout at me and tell me I’m bowling badly, that’s fine. I may not agree but it’s fine. It’s part of the experience of being a touring cricketer,” wrote Archer for Daily Mail.

“To hear racism, though — that’s another matter. There is no time or place for it in any walk of life, let alone cricket. It’s just not called for,” he added.

He has also informed that he has moved on from the incident and said, “I’ve left what happened at the ground and I’ve moved on. I should also say it was just one person who was shouting stuff.”