Questions over timing of Pannun revelations

The story reads like the plot of a B-grade Bollywood film. A supposed Indian agent contacts a claimed arms smuggler-cum-criminal for a third party killing abroad, in return for criminal cases against him in India being dropped.

Tackling Gaza

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza reaches a critical juncture, the recent actions and statements of key players have intensified the urgency for a diplomatic solution.

Ukraine’s challenge

In the tumultuous landscape of post-invasion Ukraine, a nation straddles two disparate worlds ~ the grim trenches of a relentless war and the increasingly contentious political battleground in Kyiv.

Questions Remain

The successful evacuation of the 41 trapped workers from the SilkyaraBarkot tunnel has made the entire country proud of everyone involved in the rescue operation.

Time for a reset in India-US ties

The US is supposedly joined at the hip with the UK. During the Falklands War, Margaret Thatcher went to Ronald Reagan for support against Argentina. Reagan refused.

Wuhan once more

The people of Wuhan are bracing for the second outbreak of Covid19 and it is fervently to be hoped that virus shall not spread further afield.

Unquiet North East

India is a Union of States, and armed conflict between any two states threatens the very idea of India as a nation. Historically, most invaders had taken advantage of differences between native rulers to conquer India. That said, modern Indian states are not sovereign bodies; under Article 3 of the Constitution, Parliament has the power to increase the area of any state, diminish the area of any state, alter the boundaries of any state and change the name of any state.

Ghani’s accusation

Taliban fighters have moved in on three provincial capitals in the last few days and seized territory nationwide since Washington said it planned a complete withdrawal of troops by September.

Road to Freedom~II

Subhas Chandra Bose was the lone crusader against the mainstream. His was a relentless anti-colonial struggle that aimed at socialist reconstruction after Independence. The socialism he envisaged was to be rooted in Indian soil. He never wanted to imitate Bolshevik experiments.