Space Liberalisation

In a bold move signalling a paradigm shift in its approach to space exploration, India has opened its doors wider to the global space industry.

No place for violence I

While the importance of a broad-based and strong peace movement with continuity in its functioning is widely realized, what exists in the name of peace movements is much more limited and fragmented.

Uniform KYC

In a move signalling a shift towards financial sector cohesion, India’s Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) has announced plans to standardise ‘know your customer’ (KYC) checks across the industry.

Always Ashwin

That Kohli was not been able to come up with any better argument to justify his prejudice than Ravindra Jadeja’s putative lower-order batting skills proved his cerebral inadequacy.

Mixed fortunes

Youngkin, 54, declared victory after a campaign in which he focused on parents’ anger over schools’ handling of Covid-19, as well as touching on race and gender issues.

Afghan tragedy~II

The Haqqani network taking part in the policy-making and the new Taliban government welcoming Al-Qaeda leader explodes the myth of a good Taliban. Is it believable that American Intelligence organisations could not realise that the so called new Taliban would not keep their promises of Doha? These questions should be addressed taking into account the latest stakeholders role in Afghan affairs.