Space Liberalisation

In a bold move signalling a paradigm shift in its approach to space exploration, India has opened its doors wider to the global space industry.

No place for violence I

While the importance of a broad-based and strong peace movement with continuity in its functioning is widely realized, what exists in the name of peace movements is much more limited and fragmented.

Uniform KYC

In a move signalling a shift towards financial sector cohesion, India’s Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) has announced plans to standardise ‘know your customer’ (KYC) checks across the industry.

A Sick Culture

During our colonial days, the British masters ruled imperiously over their conquered subjects, divided into a complex and embedded hierarchy of castes and sub-castes which they exploited to keep us subjugated. After their departure, desi Rajas and Maharajas seamlessly stepped into their shoes, appropriating the privileges of their erstwhile masters which perpetuated the sickening VIP culture.

Crisis staved off

It also hikes some taxes that the ultra-Orthodox argue will affect them the most.

Reservation politics

Against the ceiling of 50 per cent reservation fixed by the Supreme Court of India, Tamil Nadu has managed to raise the reservation to 69 per cent: 30 per cent for Backward Classes, 20 per cent for the Most Backward Classes, 18 per cent for the Scheduled Castes and one per cent for the Scheduled Tribes.

Afghan tragedy~III

The real intentions behind the agreement signed in February 2020 in Doha were never disclosed. The Doha deal actually shaped future US strategies in Afghanistan. Through a compromise with the Taliban, America sought scope for undeterred influence in the region without getting involved in any direct clash. All the stakeholders, in this way, indulged in behind-the-scenes string-pulling and Afghanistan, in the end, has been plunged into a bitter tournament of shadows, once again.