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World Gin Day | Experts give out their recipes, take notes

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It’s time for gin lovers to rejoice as World Gin Day returns for its tenth year on May 9. It’s going to be a double treat as May 9 is a Saturday, which gin pals can celebrate together.

While it is always safe to go for the tried and tested, a little adventure can be fun and exciting. And there is no better than the World Gin Day to try out something new. Here’s a list of new cocktail recipes for you. Check them out.

1.      Happy Ending

Happy Ending, Gin


Bombay sapphire gin -60 ml

Pineapple juice -60 ml

Cucumber syrup- 15 ml

Rosemary syrup- 15 ml

Lemon juice -20 ml


Add pineapple juice, cucumber syrup and mix it well. Then add Bombay Sapphire gin with rosemary syrup and stir it well. Add lemon juice and swizzle once or twice. Serve it in a martini glass with cucumber stick.

(Recipe by  After Stories)

2.      From the Field 

From the Field cocktail



Celery & Sichuan Gin 60 ml

Peppermint Cordial 30 ml

Peach Puree 2 Bar Spoons

Fresh Mint 4-5 Sprigs


First, add 4-5 mint sprigs and 2 bar spoons of peach puree the 30 ml of peppermint cordial and muddle gently. Fill the copper mug with crushed ice and add 60 ml of Celery & Sichuan pepper gin. Swizzle once or twice. Garnish with fresh mint sprigs.

(Recipe by  Juniper at Andaz Delhi)

3.      Tomcat Collins 

Tomcat Collins cocktail


Jasmine Gin 60 ml

Fresh Watermelon Juice 80 ml

Pink Peppercorn Tincture 2-3 dashes


Fill the glass with ice and add 2-3 dashes of pink peppercorn tincture. Add 60 ml of Jasmine Gin and top up with 80 ml of fresh watermelon juice. Garnish with pink peppercorns and Thai basil or rosemary.

(Recipe by  Juniper at Andaz Delhi)

4. Long Island Iced Tea 

Long Island Iced Tea


½ ounce vodka absolute

½ ounce gin

½ ounce light rum

½ ounce triple sec

3 ounce sour mix (recommend: Finest call sour mix)


Combine first 5 ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it well and 14-ounce beverage glass. Top with soda and garnish lemon wedge. Serve will tall straw.

(Recipe by  Pub Exchange, Noida & Gurgaon, Pitstop (Smaaassh)

5.      Shylock 

Shylock cocktail


Pear & Honey gin 60 ml

Apple Juice 40 ml

Honey 10 ml

Black Peppercorn

Tincture 2-3 dashes


Fill the glass with ice then add 2-3 dashes of tincture. After stirring then add 60 ml of pear and honey gin and after than 40 ml of apple juice and 10 ml of honey syrup. Stir and garnish with the apple fan.

(Recipe by  Juniper at Andaz Delhi)

6. Edison Bulb


Gin 60 ml

Lavender syrup 15ml


Lime juice – 10 ml

Method – Put everything together in cocktail shaker shake it well and serve in the glass.

(Recipe by Junkyard Cafe)